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Humourless ублюдок yourself

В Лондоне открылся ресторан Novikov, принадлежащий личному другу Путина с такой фамилией, и ресторанный критик "Гардиан" написал на него разгромную рецензию - "дорого, безвкусно и невкусно". Беспокоюсь за его здоровье.

В комментах феерия, в том числе и частично на родном языке:

I dislike the merry stereotyping of Russians in the comments - review itself is also guilty of this to an extent.



Not good to be rude in a foreign language. Just come right out and say it in English. You shouldn't need to hide behind your Russian.


Just a couple of points:

Is there a substantial organised crime problem in the former Soviet Republics?

Do these organisations have a problem legitimising/exporting their funds?

Would you object to similar jokes (for that is what they are) being aimed at Sicilian "legitimate businessmen" running a shit-but-multi-million-pound loss-making wank-pit in central London? Not aimed at the fine people of Sicily, mind, just their "legitimate businessmen"?

Humourless ублюдок yourself.

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