Mr Sunglasses All The Time (mancunian) wrote,
Mr Sunglasses All The Time

Гей-уикенд в Манчестере

Manchester City Council is urging people at Pride to send messages of solidarity to gay people in its twin city of St Petersburg, Russia.

It comes after the local government of St Petersburg introduced tough laws banning the "promotion" of homosexuality.

The law makes any public information, rallies, marches or displays of homosexuality illegal.

Bev Craig, Manchester City Council's lead member for lesbian issues, said: "It's hard to believe that in this day and age that people still suffer state persecution simply because of their sexuality. But, sadly, that is true in many parts of the world, including our sister city of St Petersburg."

Стыдно за Питер, ей-богу. Как макаки какие.

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