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Скамья подсудимых всегда полна

Connor Doran, labelled the "leader of the pack" by the judge, was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years. Brandon Doran received six years for acting as lookout during the attack.

The Doran brothers' mother, Linda Doran, 42, was jailed for 30 months after being convicted by the jury of perverting the course of justice by providing false alibis for her sons.

Her eldest son, Ryan, 23, was convicted of murder and jailed for life in October after he attacked a stranger with a bottle in a chip shop.

Another of her sons, Jordan, 21, was jailed for six months in February for contempt of court after using a mobile phone to capture images of the courtroom during the trial of his brothers and mother.

Короче, закрыли сразу целую кучу морлоков скопом. Меньше этого дерьма на улицах, отлично.
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