Nikita Sidorov (mancunian) wrote,
Nikita Sidorov


Good day! My name is Natalia. I am from Russland.

Natascha, Russland - ja, ja!

I am thirty-one old.

Ну ок. Хотя... ну ладно.

This is my first experience to get off with somebody in internet.

Дрочи на здоровье, мне не жалко.

I looked through your your personal information page on one of single websites and there I pick up your e-mail!

Врешь, старая, ох врешь.

I came to decision to contact you. I separated with a boyfriend 1 year ago and right now I am looking for a real relationships over the seas, as I thought less of Russian men.


I am not frightened of international relationships!

Well, you should be.

Please send your photo and tell me you real name!

Я в меру упитанный мужчина в полном расцвете сил, например. Хотя эй, а на что ты дрочила-то?

It is IMPORTANT! I am in search only for genuine relationships! Without plays. I hope to hear from you soon.

Надейся и жди, Наташа, вся жизнь впереди. Будь здорова, не кашляй, носи зимой шерстяные носки и не бей свою собаку палкой. Ей это не нравится. Чао.
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