October 14th, 2005


SIS on James Bond

Событие национальной важности в Англии - внешняя разведка, MI6 (SIS), наконец нашла время соорудить простенький вебсайт. В FAQах рыцари плаща и кинжала не обошли вниманием и самого своего известного сотрудника:

James Bond, as Ian Fleming originally conceived him was based on reality. But any author needs to inject a level of glamour and excitement beyond reality in order to sell. By the time the filmmakers focused on Bond the gap between truth and fiction had already widened. Nevertheless, staff who join SIS can look forward to a career that will have moments when the gap narrows just a little and the certainty of a stimulating and rewarding career which, like Bond's, will be in the service of their country.

Какие пупсики всё-таки эти англичане, нельзя им не умильнуться.