July 13th, 2012


40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47...

The new season of Weeds has just kicked in. The 8th season, would you believe it? I remember like it was yesterday how I started watching it - and bang! it's already in its 8th season. How the time flies, boys and girls, how it flies.

Anyway. This chick who plays the drug dealer - what's her name? Mary Louise Parker or something like this? (What kind of name is that for an actress come to think about it, this is total bullshit.) Anyway, you know whom I mean - that brunette with pale skin and bambi eyes. Well, when it all started, she was on the right side of the 40s (if there's such a thing) and boy, was she hot! I'd definitely done her, I tell you. Well preserved, like a good whisky, just delicious.

Now, seven years later (or is it eight? my math has always been a bit flakey...) she must be a wreck. I mean, I haven't seen this episode, but I assume. The wrong side of the 40s is totally wrong. So, why the hell are they still at it? I stopped watching the show, like, four seasons ago, cos' it got too fucking violent for my taste but maybe, one of you is still watching this crap? What do you think? I might be wrong.

On the other hand, this wrong side of 40s is not always hopeless. Take Jennifer Beals, for example. Almost 50 but still got the looks. True, she looks a bit like a plastic doll but a cute plastic doll nonetheless. 

Who else? I kinda liked Tilda Swindon until she hit 50, I have to admit. Now, however, she looks a bit frightening, I mean, look at her picture on IMDB. Eugh.  

This Sex and the City bunch are, like, perpetual. The only thing that'd stop them if one of them starts literally falling apart. And that'd probably be Kim, poor thing. She was so cute when she was young and look at her now. Whom will she play when the romantic leads are out of the question? Mums? Grannies? Aunts? This is so sad, come to think about it.

Shaggability, that's the word. Or is it shagability? Google is kinda ambivalent regarding this matter. Anyway, either an actress has it or not. On the right side of the 40s, I mean. Or on the wrong one.

Ah, screw that. Who am I kidding? (Or is it `whom'?) We're on the wrong side of the century, that's the problem. When these things finally get sorted with all this `bioengineering' and shit like that, we'll be beyond repair. All of you, guys, so suck it up. I know I have.


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