September 4th, 2021


Dreams are my reality

My life is boring - but not my dreams.

Last night I had a dream that I was a member of some secret society. We wore false left cuffs, and the guy at the entrance was pulling them to check if you were legit.The courtyard of our building was amazing. It was very old, all grey, and were dozens of statues on the first floor balustrade - kings, knights, jesters, scholars. All shoulder to shoulder but in different poses. It was magnificent.

Then I walked through an open archway - straight into a field where men were practicing sword fighting. I instantly realised that it was a mistake, and indeed one of the swordsmen approached me and asked to leave.

When I left, I met two Russians - a man and a girl, and they both were very tall, well over 6'. I asked them if everyone here was that tall and said no, Masha was very short.