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Mr Sunglasses All The Time

Когда сильный с сильным лицом к лицу у края Земли встает

(запостил было в Facebook, да потом передумал и положил под глаз)

Yes, we did fuck them up - big time. And yes, we did it for no reason whatsoever. (No-one really believed this Bush/Blair WMD bullshit.) Saddam was a major arsehole, true, but who isn't in this piece of shit region? At least, he wasn't a Muslim fanatic, which means he was no real threat to us. His own people, yes, but that's none of our concern. So yeah, we made a mess. Oops.


This doesn't mean we owe them anything at all. We are the strong ones, and the strong ones don't have to have any morals. For morals begin when you lose your strength. We haven't - yet. When you start sucking up to those you've fucked up, this never ends well. Because they will perceive your kindness as weakness and strike you right in your soft underbelly. Which is precisely what happened with these Iraqi sons of bitches.
(How's your blood pressure after reading this? Slightly elevated, I hope?)

Это, собственно, к тому, что "несчастные иракские/сирийские беженцы" почти что взорвали поезд лондонской подземки. Лягушка и скорпион, змея и фермер, ну вот это всё.
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