Nikita Sidorov (mancunian) wrote,
Nikita Sidorov


Today I am prime,
Today I am prime,
I'm not in my prime,
But at least I am prime.

Now I'm looking for some kind of rhyme,
But what comes to mind is the obvious `time'.
There are many stairs that I need to climb,
But I'm too lazy, daytime or night time.

If I weren't crippled, I'd go to Blenheim,
But instead I'm sitting drinking vodka and lime.
Vodka and lime, vodka and lime.
Helps me survive this cold summertime.

So yes, I'm prime, today I'm prime.
My life looks sometimes like a nursery rhyme.
I wish I played cricket, it's the best pastime.
Instead I listen to ABBA trying to mime.
Tags: ДР, креатив, стих

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