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Экзамен: "Стань британцем"

Точнее, такого экзамена пока нет. Но народ на форуме Би-би-си уже вволю поиспражнялся, предлагая свои вопросы:

Two of your correspondents used "who" instead of "whom" in their questions. Should they be un-Britished? (Каймановы острова)

If someone bumped into you in the corridor and it was not your fault, would you still say sorry? (Франция)

Using the London Undergound map, describe how you would get from Golders Green to South Kensington on the London Underground. (Австралия)

Moan about the weather for five minutes. (Англия, однако)

The test of Britishness should be whether a pedestrian thanks drivers who stop for them at a zebra crossing. (тоже Англия)

Name the main ingredients of a chip butty.
Which breed of dog does the Queen favour?
What is the national speed limit? (Essex drivers: subtract 10mph from your first guess). (тетя из Эссекса)

И наконец серьезный вопрос от местного Крылова:

If war broke out between Britain and your homeland, who would you fight for?
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